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The Blog never read
Thursday, 15 September 2005
It's been Awhile
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Buddy Holly "Greatest Hits"
It's been a few weeks. Life is busy and I'm feeling better. Not much on the "Bear" topic lately as I have been too busy spending time with my partner and rebuilding my computer. I did find out about and it's news of Gay men in the media. Most of them are still smooth shaven pretty boys who look too Urban. Maybe that is what most Gay men look like? Maybe in the city but not in the country. I'm getting ready to finalize my design for the Charlie Howard Memorial this weekend. I'm taking a course on Multicultural Development from the University of Southern Maine and reading about Identity. I have to write a capstone paper for my Masters degree in Adult Education and for that I will be writing about "Bears, Gay men, Meaning and our search for Identity". Sounds like a thesis, which it sort of represents but I'm also working on a directed study to design an art class for Bangor Adult Education. Those two combine make up the equivalent of a Thesis. If you live in Maine, remember to vote "No" on 1 and keep protections for all people of sexual orientation, even for those rapidly reproducing hypocritical fundamentalist Christians. More later and more often. Tom

Posted by newagetom at 3:40 PM EDT
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Thursday, 25 August 2005
Is it possible?
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: M.I.A. Arular
Topic: Blogs
Is it possible to have a blog and have nobody read it in our virtual world of the internet? I've not put an entry here for awhile. I was on vacation in Nova Scotia. Great Province and It's beautiful all the same. Not much in the Bear Philosophy category, all though, I'm reading the Advocate's version of the gay and lesbian movement at home. Hum? They forgot to include the death of Charlie Howard in 1984, a beginning point for the political organizing of the gay and lesbians in Maine. It most of not been exciting as Liberace or leather harnesses. Oh, well, us ordinary gay people never make the headlines unless we win the lottery or do something ridiculous. Later for now from the Blog never read.

Posted by newagetom at 4:26 PM EDT
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Thursday, 4 August 2005
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: My August Mix CD from ITunes
It's a lovely day in Maine, and the sun is shining. I got my blood work back yesterday and my Thyroid is good, I'm not anemic. However, I have low Testosterone. At the age of 34, It's a little bizarre for me to find this out. I always had doubts about being a "real man", or whatever that really means and this kind of makes me think of it again. What is a "real man"? Does it mean that I have to go out and hunt, fish, play golf and watch all sports and be in control of a woman. A friend of mine lately has been talking with me about her marital troubles and the desire of her husband to only bring in the income for the family, lounge around, play video games and have the desire to spend the weekend with another women and not his wife and children. Is this a "real man"? Yes, I do consider myself a masculine gay male bear but am I a "real man"?. Maybe not in a heterosexual sense but then again, Bears don't fit in the normal spectrum of men. We are men and we are gay., and love or admire men. Our characteristics of the physical sense doesn't fit into mainstream Gay society yet we are a part of it. Hum? Food for thought or discussion or maybe a fist fight?

Posted by newagetom at 11:16 AM EDT
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Monday, 1 August 2005
It's Monday
Now Playing: The Cult - Electric
Topic: Bears
Just got back from the doctor and it's time for me to change my eating habits. The fast food diet is not working, except in the weight gain department. I also have to be tested for Sleep Apnea at some point. Maybe that is the cause of my depression. I watched the movie "Bear Cub" this weekend and it was an okay movie. It featured Bearish type men from Spain but had the same pathetic stereotypes of gay men - drug use, random sex and HIV. I much prefer "A Dirty Shame" by John Waters. The Bears in that were much more real in the American sense and funny. I wish there were more movies with real gay men in them instead of drag queens, drug users and oversexed guys. Oops, don't forget the muscle guys and the under 25 set that look to good to be real. This is my blog and my opinion but I know there are others out there who agree. Well enough for now. The topic for today's gay agenda is work, making money and not trying to destroy heterosexual marriage. They do a good enough job of that themselves.

Posted by newagetom at 12:18 PM EDT
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Monday, 25 July 2005
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Van Morrison's Moondance
This is my first blog and I decided like the rest of the world, to air my opinions, facts, and other stuff to the internet. I used to have a boss who called it the "Information cul-de-sac". Well, not much is going on with me except for I have a sinus infection and am not feeling good. The sun is shining though. I'll post more tomorrow. T

Posted by newagetom at 7:06 PM EDT
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